The Cremation Society of Northeast Tennessee was established to provide professional, compassionate services to the many families in our area who prefer simple cremation and burial services. We operate our own crematory, so you and your family can feel secure in knowing that loved ones will be taken care of solely by our staff.

Cremation is increasingly common throughout the United States and has become the preferred method of disposition in industrialized nations world-wide. Reasons for choosing cremation vary from religious, ecological or cost concerns, to committed personal preference.

Whatever your reasons for choosing cremation or simple burial; the Cremation Society of Northeast Tennessee is here to assist you in your time of need.

The Cremation Society of Northeast Tennessee provides its members with:

  • Access to online services
  • 24/7 access to professionals
  • Pick-up and removal
  • A way to save considerable money

We make it very simple to join the society. All membership-related, and at-need arrangements can be made by mail, over the phone, or at your own residence without ever having to visit our offices.

When you contact the Cremation Society, you will be quoted the total cost for our services. We promise to fully explain all of our services and answer any questions you may have, thoughtfully and honestly.

By joining the Cremation Society, your family will know your wishes, and be relieved of the burden of making challenging decisions during the emotional time of early grieving.

The Cremation Society of Northeast Tennessee offers its members:

  • A dignified alternative to expensive funeral homes
  • A pre-payment plan which locks in the price and guarantees service at that rate

Becoming a member is quick and easy.